Through an organization, Real Industry, I worked with a team to design an application for Bose's new augmented reality platform. After two weeks of work, we ended up one of the top three teams and got to present to members of the Bose team and receive critique about the product. In the future we hope to refine our application and put it on the app stores.
The application, called Soundscape, provides contextual music therapy for users suffering from dementia by combining location data from the users phone with data from Google Maps and the Spotify API. It was designed to be simple, unobtrusive, and easy to use and targets a substantial, and ever growing user base.
Soundscape allows family members to create a custom playlist for the user, and then plays that music for the user whenever they begin activities like walking, riding the bus, or enter areas like parks, or their homes.
The home screen features a single play button framed by photos of the users family. The user can manually begin playback by pressing the play button, and access family members biographical information by clicking on one of the photos.
The user can also manually edit locations that trigger the music therapy and do things like add family members and edit their playlist.
We look forward to working more on Soundscape and expanding it to a larger user base.
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